Wayu Wayu

Senpai said “Hi” to me before History class started o____o It’s the first time he greeted me with hi omg

I am dirt.
I come from it.
I feel like it.
I walk on it.
I fall down on the dirt
and pray for the dirt to take me back.
Back to where it is peaceful and cool.
And I can sleep and spill out all I am.
Please, let the dirt take me back.

The dirt that I am made of will recreate itself someday.
Perhaps its new form will have better luck than me.
Let me someday be part of a tree
a big oak that grows up high and tall
that lasts a thousand years to look down upon it all.
Or let me someday be a sunflower
or even a worm or just anything but me.
Let the dirt be anything but me.

- John Morello, I Am Dirt  (via fairytalesandfrills)

(Source: ketzele)